Workplace Reconfigurations


It's the obligation of each unit or area supervisor to have all the workers stick to all these directions to decrease loss of time in getting ready for the transfer.

Each and every worker should be accountable for his personal initial packaging for the move. For you to help out with this specific work, in depth directions for packing as well as marking follow. Unless otherwise specified, packing and unpacking will be performed by your personnel.

It really is important that only staff involved directly on the move be there during the actual move.

PACKING Directions

One-piece recyclable polystyrene Rental Crates/or one-piece self-locking card board transferring boxes will be available for packing.


Be sure to have training on the accurate methods for packing and also putting Rental Crates or perhaps putting together the cardboard transferring cartons.


Each one has advantages in certain situations but for simple packaging and speed of transferring, the Rental Crates are definitely the recommended.


Please take a look at information below for additional information regarding assembly and packing up.


All of the packing up must be completed before the actual start of the transfer.




DESKS - It is necessary for you to empty out desks. Paper clips, pens and other loose items must be sealed in envelopes. Present working papers, letter trays, instruction books and objects on top of the desk should be packed within a carton. Secure all of glass receptacles by using pieces of paper or some other materials in the carton.


FILING CABINETS/UPRIGHT - These types of cabinets will generally be transported with contents intact. Tighten the internal draw in order to keep items into place. Lock the cabinet when possible. If not possible, secure each drawer using filament tape. If locked, remove the key and keep in a safe place. Note: In case the document has a punch-in lock and you do not have the key, wrap adhesive tape round the lock to avoid unintentional locking.


FILING CABINETS/LATERAL - These cabinets cannot be moved with the items intact. Pack up all the items in cartons, and then fasten all of the drawers simply by locking or by using adhesive tape as previously mentioned.


BOOKCASES - All of contents really needs to be packed up in cartons. Following packing, remove the shelves then tape together. Detach all of the shelf pins and keep in an envelope.


SUPPLY OR STORAGE CABINETS - All of contents should be packed in cartons. Lock/tape all the cabinet doors.


COAT RACKS And / or LOCKERS - Pack up all contents, which includes wardrobe hangers.


Smaller sized OFFICE MACHINES, (scanner, photo printers, and so forth.) You Should Not PACK These types of MACHINES. Keep the machine over the desk or stand. Ensure the equipment has been maintained and additionally all pieces disconnected. Small items, like cords should really be grouped together in zip lock packs and / or cartons.


PICTURES, MAPS As well as Advertising Boards - All these items, in case secured to the wall structure, should be removed. Tag each item and then leave against the wall. The mover will handle. Smaller paintings, etc., should be consolidated in order to fill up a carton. Newspapers must be packed within empty spaces between the illustrations or photos.


SPECIAL EQUIPMENT - Certain types of devices such as copy machines or computer equipment need to have special servicing by the company trained staff. These set ups must be made directly with the vendor of each specific equipment before the transfer date. Pc's should be backed-up and separate parts should be disconnected prior to moving, by our IT Service Representatives. Remove loosely fitted wires and then pack in box.


If special services necessitating electrical installers, plumbing engineers and / or machinists are needed to disconnect devices, please inform your manager so that the right measures may be made. Internal maintenance could be necessary and if not followed may possibly void service warranties.


Copying, printing or reproducing devices that contains liquid or fluid needs to be drained.